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At Group Lockhart, we strive for continued excellence in delivering world-class employee benefits services. We provide a professional outsourced solution to meet the human resource goals of our hospitality clients, enabling them to attract, reward, and retain valued employees. In addition, our package of employee benefit services provides comprehensive financial protection through company-sponsored benefits and retirement plans, allowing our clients to be competitive within the labour market.

Our mission is to respond to the HR challenges of our client plan sponsors through knowledge and innovation of group insurance products, technology, and personal service. We are fully committed to delivering World Class Employee Benefit Services, centred around the following fundamental elements:

With extensive industry knowledge and over 40 years of experience, we can support our clients with superior service backed by the national strength of Navacord - Canada’s fourth-largest commercial insurance brokerage and a leader in risk management and group benefits solutions. 

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We all know that the restaurant industry can be demanding and that employee turnover is significant. In order to attract and retain great employees, you need to be able to reward them by providing competitive compensation packages. Allow us to help you support your HR and business goals to find and keep the talent your business needs to grow and thrive in today’s marketplace.


Offering benefits is no longer a nice to have, but a need to have in today’s market, where talent shortages are being experienced across the industry. Most recently, one of the most significant changes in benefits within the hospitality industry has been the recognized need to support employees’ mental health. In addition, service and service culture continue to define successful hotel brands and our industry plan sponsors. 

What We Offer


As your Broker of choice, we will act as your intermediary within the Group Life and Health Insurance market to manage your premium costs through plan design, periodic market reviews, and skilled negotiations with underwriting insurers to manage your renewal costs. Your business requires an experienced advisor that understands the legal and legislative framework of benefit plans for Canadian employers, as well as the latest trends affecting your industry.

Retirement Planning

Held in high regard, retirement savings plans are often an essential consideration in an employee’s decision to join a company. Employer-sponsored retirement savings plans provide another income and financial security source and significantly contribute to an employee’s total compensation. Therefore, investing in employees and their future has a strong business case: companies can increase productivity and retention, dramatically reducing the expenses associated with turnover and lost productivity. 

Total Compensation

In today’s competitive market, money alone will not retain the talented employees you need to grow and thrive. Recent studies have shown that total compensation plays a growing role in attracting and retaining employees, mitigating the financial risks and expenses associated with turnover. Creating a comprehensive compensation strategy aligned with your business goals and objectives can be an incredibly powerful endeavour.

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About Group Lockhart

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Group Lockhart Inc. is proudly led by James Lockhart - an award-winning Benefits Advisor who has served Canada’s Hospitality Industry for over 40 years. Hoteliers and Industry Associations have turned to James for advice in choosing plan designs and underwriting Insurers as their Broker Consultant. With a dedication to the industry, James has been instrumental in helping the industry succeed by completing the first Benefits Compensation Survey for the Greater Toronto Hotel Association and serving as Advisor to Tourism HR Canada’s National Compensation Survey. As an industry leader he has answered the call to action to shape Tourism’s Future by participating in the Tourism workforce recovery project over the next 3 years led by Tourism HR Canada.

James is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, and his credentials represent the gold standard in the benefits field in Canada as a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) through Dalhousie University and internationally as a Fellow of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefits Specialist through the Wharton Business School in Pennsylvania.

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In 2010, James Lockhart, owner of Group Lockhart, received a Pinnacle Award for Hotelier - Supplier of the Year. ‘Winning the Pinnacle Award helped us define our unique value proposition as a Broker of Choice for the Employer of Choice,’ Lockhart said. ‘Hoteliers have continued to reward us by choosing Group Lockhart as an intermediary for their Group Life & Health and Retirement Plans throughout the years, and we are still honoured to this day from receiving this award.’

We are proud to be the largest administrator of hospitality group insurance programs in Canada, in partnership with our Hospitality Industry sponsors:

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